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The On-Farm Integrated Water Management Conference 2011
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Practical solutions for efficient, integrated and cost effective agricultural water management

Hear from our panel of expert speakers:

During this two day conference, you will discuss and explore the management practices needed to deliver more "crop per drop"

  • How integrated water management can help improve your bottom-line: Understand how new technologies and management practices can help you improve on-farm efficiency
  • Reduce risk, lower costs and improve decision-making with integrated water management: Learn how to deliver the right amount of water at the right time, to reduce costs and improve the quality and quantity of your yield
  • Implementing new irrigation technologies: Technology, design and monitoring solutions to help you reduce water consumption through irrigation
  • Essential information on hidden water resources: Tested methods that will help you secure the water you need
  • New water legislation and overcoming legal obstacles: Expert tips on compliance, options for utilizing conserved water under the law and the future of water markets
  • Water conservation, marketing and water transfers: Practical information on how you can work with local governments, water utilities and NGOs to solve water problems

To see the full agenda download your free copy of the brochure here....

"Agriculture can no longer own the water of California without drastically changing their practices or water is not going to be available for people, for cities, for industry"

Natural Resources Defense Council President Frances Beinecke

Following months of research within the farming community, this conference has been designed specifically to help growers improve their water productivity, to increase yields and better utilize natural resources and improve the bottom line. With a focus on new water management solutions and irrigation technologies, it’s all about how to grow more from less, or more “crop per drop.”


To address these critical issues, we have hand selected key leaders in the field

  • John R. Farner, Jr. Federal Affairs Director, Irrigation Association
  • Mike O'Neill, National Program Leader for Water Resources, USDA
  • Dong Wang, Ph.D., Research Leader & Soil Scientist, USDA-ARS Water Management Research
  • Adán Ortega, Jr, Board Member and Water Chair, CA Board of Food and Agriculture
  • Thomas Harter, Professor, University of California, Davis, CA
  • Derek Yurosek, Vice President of Agricultural & Regional Operations, Bolthouse Farms
  • Tina Cannon Leahy, Principal Consultant, California Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee
  • Katy Mamen, Program Director, Ag Innovations Network
  • Stephen Smith, Partner, Regenesis Management Group
  • Adam Schemmp, Director, Western Water Program at the Environmental Law Institute
  • Keil A. Albert, Professional Geologist, Geo-Consultants
  • Sam Funk, Senior Economist, Doane Advisory Services

To see the full speaker line-up and conference focus download your free copy of the brochure here..

The On-Farm Integrated Water Management conference is designed specifically to provide growers with practical and incisive knowledge for delivering integrated and cost effective on-farm water management.  

In carefully crafted sessions, you’ll discuss and explore:

  • Full details on California's water supply and outlook  
  • Expert insight on management strategies to improve water productivity
  • Realize the potential of new irrigation management practices and technologies
  • Practical information on how you can work with local governments, water utilities and NGOs to solve water problems
  • Understand the importance of groundwater, water supply and water re-use
  • Discover how to cost-effectively reduce and manage your water footprint

To see the full speaker line-up and conference focus download your free copy of the brochure here..

Don't wait for a rainy day …

If you want to improve your water productivity you should attend:

  • Meet, network and do business with key growers, regulators and solution providers
  • Critical water management insight to help you develop robust strategies and improve water productivity  
  • Discover solutions to your greatest challenges. Hear from experienced growers and pioneers sharing their experience and insight in a uniquely crafted forum

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